Friday, October 14, 2016

Said Conrad Cornelius O'Donald O'Dell
"My very own country is going to hell.
This Trump team is vile, it's corrupt and unclean!
Nixonian misdeeds -- and worse! -- have I seen.
From unwanted kissing, from A out to Z
It's an Axis of Evil and dishonesty!"

Yet twenty-six letters will not spell it out.
New letters are needed that practically shout:
"Trump's On Beyond Evil! He's ruthless and wicked!"
Trump's con job, like cow paths, is simply too crooked!
To write out his crimes it will take me all day
New letters are needed to convey my dismay!

"Calm down," I suggested, "O'Donald O'Dell.
New letters I'll give you, your story to tell."

The Con is for Conway and Kellyanne's lies,
And Roid is for Rudy, with rage in his eyes.
While Blight is for Breitbart, that tells us no truth,
The Poot is for Putin and all things uncouth.

"Yet that's not enough," said O'Donald O'Dell
"The stench from this crew it is starting to smell."
Yet holding your nose will not fill the need
To drain this black cauldren of malice and greed.

Then he almost fell flat on his face on the floor
When I picked up a pen and drew one letter more!

The Thump is for Trump, he's the worst of them all.
His brain, it would seem, is three sizes too small.
His polls, like Titanic, are sinking real fast,
Thus Trump number one will be Trump number last.

This alphabet soup, why it's just the beginning.
Not finished, you see, 'til the good guys are winning.
When On Beyond Evil, the lesson is this:
To Trump and his minions, my butt they can kiss.

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