Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Virginia and The FBI

Early last year, Virginia's state legislature tried to impose a medically unnecessary vaginal probe as a requirement prior to obtaining a constitutionally protected abortion.  Only national media attention forced a reconsideration by Governor McDonnell and the legislature, resulting in a "compromise" requirement for an external abdominal ultrasound followed by an optional probe.

Early this year, Virginia's Senate Republicans rushed a party-line vote to redistrict many Democrats out of office despite the fact that Virginia had just redistricted following the 2010 census.  They had to rush the debate (only 40 minutes) and vote (20 to 19) because one Senate Democrat, civil rights lawyer Henry L. Marsh III, was attending President Obama's inauguration 90 miles away in Washington, DC and the temporary Republican majority would not last long.  Did I mention this vote took place on Martin Luther King Day?

And by early next year, Virginia could be celebrating a decision to move the headquarters of the FBI to the state, along with the 10,000 jobs and millions in federal tax dollars that would bring. 

Something needs to be done to prevent the nation's top law enforcement agency from moving its headquarters to Virginia, a state that still celebrates confederate generals Robert E. Lee and "Stonewall" Jackson with a state holiday.  Apparently treason, seccession and defense of slavery are still honored causes in Virginia.  Which makes it less surprising that Virginia continues to fight a rear-guard action against equality for gays and lesbians, especially against same-gender marriage.  While Virginia's neighbors to the north, Washington, DC (home to the current FBI HQ) and Maryland (the other possible home of any future FBI HQ), both recognize gay marriage, Virginia is still in the thrall of old-fashioned bigotry.

Follow this link to the website We The People to register your opposition to moving the FBI to the Capitol of the Confederacy.  If enough people sign the petition ( before February 18, 2013, the Obama Adminsitration must issue a formal response.

Remember, unlike in Virginia, every vote counts.  

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