Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Hits Pat Robertson's Home

Virginia Beach -- An angry God declared He was fed up with millionaire self-promoter Pat Robertson and hurled a hurricane directly at Robertson's valuable properties in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  "I tried to warn him with an earthquake earlier in the week but the son-of-a-bitch just won't take a hint" said the Creator of the Universe.  "But Let's face it, My aim just ain't what it used to be with natural disasters so I figured I couldn't miss with a hurricane, right?  I even had it pass over Robertson's house on Saturday, which is usually My day off."

Despite these obvious signs of God's wrath at fake christians, Robertson has continued to blame such Divinely inspired disasters on gays, liberals, and poor people who won't send him money.  When informed of God's personal displeasure with Robertson's unholy hucksterism, Robertson fired back with a warning, yelling "Who the Hell does He think He is, messing with me like that?   If He keeps this up I will buy heaven and kick His ass out!"

Robertson has a message for God

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