Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Memorial Day To Remember

So the full House of Representatives voted this week to repeal the anti-gay "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" law that bans openly gay and lesbian individuals from military service.  The Senate Armed Services Committee also voted in favor of repeal which will set up a vote by the full Senate after the Memorial Day recess.  Yes, Memorial Day -- when we honor those who served in in the military. 

Actually, what they endorsed with the vote was a potential repeal if the President, Chair of the Joint Chiefs and the Secretary of Defense agree to do so.  And then only if a Department of Defense study says it should be repealed.  And then they have to wait another 60 days.  And then they have to say "pretty please with a cherry on top."

Actually, I made up that last part.  Cherries are always bottoms.

No doubt, some will argue this proves that President Obama was sincere and serious when he said he would work with Congress to repeal DADT this year.  However, it appears that the White House had its hand forced by the proponents of repeal.  The White House did not want any action taken until after the Pentagon's "study" was completed -- and that was intentionally postponed until after the November elections.

Repeal is not yet a "done deal" and Obama was a reluctant supporter of even this watered-down compromise.  And Obama threatens to veto the Defense appropriations bill, which contains the semi-repeal amendment, because of billions of dollars in unnecessary spending for unwanted weaponry.  Considering that the United States spends as much on its military as all other countries in the world combined, Obama may have a point.  And, of course, most of the military spending in the rest of the world is done by our allies.

But the real threat is them gays.

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