Saturday, December 05, 2009

DC Marriage Debate

Even as New York's State Senate voted down gay marriage, and as New Jersey waivers, the DC City Council -- equivalent to a state legislature -- voted 11-2 in favor of full marriage rights for gay and lesbian couples. Under the DC Charter -- essentially the state constitution -- a second vote is required within 30 days. If Congress fails to intervene within 30 legislative days, it becomes law.

As we've blogged before, the hypocritical and dishonest Catholic hierarchy has attempted to blackmail the DC Council by threatening to cut back on charitable work in the District if gay marriage becomes law. Thus far, the Council has refused to back down. More threatening, perhaps, are Republicans in Congress who are looking for a way to score politic points nationally even if they can't block DC's actions locally.

In the House, oversight is granted to the Subcommittee on Federal Workforce, Postal Service, and the District of Columbia (that should tell you little Congress respects DC sovereignty -- just toss it in with the bureaucracy). Unfortunately, right-wing bigot Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) is the highest ranking Republican on the subcommittee, despite only being a freshman. Chaffetz declared his opposition to gay marriage almost as soon as he arrived in Washington. As an ambitious Mormon politician, what else would you expect him to do?

Of course, gay marriage is the only thing Catholics and Mormons hate more than each other. So it's really nice that we could bring them together to form an anti-gay tag team.

In an added twist, a DC "internet strategist" set up a website for outing gay Catholic priests who speak out against gays and gay marriage. Regardless of your feelings toward outing, you have to laugh at the response from the Catholic Archdiocese's spokeswoman. "If anyone has a concern about whether a priest is violating their ministry in any way, we would encourage them to let the archdiocese know rather than some Web site...." Right. And they can handle that information like they did for the pedophile priests over the past 50 years.

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