Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Catholic Cowardice

Chris Matthews -- yes, the rude, obnoxious host of Hardball -- actually conducted a good interview yesterday. Matthews debated Catholic Bishop Thomas Tobin of Rhode Island about his stance on abortion. While the Bishop admitted he wanted to "ban abortion" as the "taking" of human life Matthews, to his credit, would not let the Bishop get away with drive-by legislating. Matthews pressed the issue of whether the Catholic Church wants to criminalize abortion procedures and put women and their doctors in prison.

This is precisely the kind of television debate that this nation needs. Instead of letting the Church declare a "moral" position against abortion -- or gay marriage -- and then hide behind "religious freedom" the mainstream media needs to force the obvious conclusions of these religiously motivated laws into the open.

Bishop Tobin, as is typical of morally superior tongue-waggers, eventually declared that it was not the place of "the Church" to determine how to enforce a ban on abortion. In other words, the catastrophic consequences of implementing his "moral vision" is not his concern.

Watch the video here:

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