Sunday, October 11, 2009

HRC Diatribe #237

The Human Rights Campaign continues to vacuum up dollars like the mass marketing operation it truly is. Unfortunately, it markets itself to gays and lesbians in order to raise more money, rather than present a desperately needed civil rights campaign to straight folks.

Latest case in point: the fabulous HRC dinner with President Obama where the president repeated his campaign promises without any actual deadlines or specific commitments. Why is this always "good enough" for gays?

As usual for Obama, it was a moving, beautiful speech. But the president's words seemed to echo HRC's timidity. "Judge me by my noble intentions, not by my actions or my success."

HRC will finally deserve our support when it convinces President Obama to give this same speech to Congress and the nation, rather than a room full of upper class gays, lesbians, and various B-list stars.

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