Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Hand of God

A recently released "photo" of the debris cloud surrounding a pulsar 1,700 light-years from earth has stimulated some interesting responses. For example, the NY Daily News ran a poll and 40 percent of respondents said the image was obviously the hand of god. Here is the image:

Despite this convincing display of biblical truth, it turns out that the image had to be heavily processed and filtered for the human eye to be able to see this particular image. The actual "hand" is only visible in the x-ray spectrum but even that filtering process leaves a messy image that looks like this:

Fortunately, OplusO has the latest in astronomical data-crunching devices and has been able to produce the actual image of what Pulsar B1509-58 truly looks like:

And finally, for all you heathens out there calling this obvious miracle the "missing finger of god", here is a link to a sequence of images representing various wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum showing what the scientists had to work with.

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