Thursday, January 01, 2009

Farewell To All Hat

It's been said that George W. Bush, as the Texas insult has it, is "all hat, no cattle." Well, it's almost time to say good riddance to the Worst President Ever and as we ring in the New Year, OplusO looks back on its Top Ten blogs about Dubya's mis-Administration.

10. Codependent-in-Chief

9. Pet Names

8. Reality Check

7. Hurricane Dubya

6. The Divine Right of Kings

5. Blood for Oil

4. Executive Über Alles

3. Freedom's Just Another Word

2. The Dubya Principle

And the Number 1 Bush Blog -- Bush is Beyond Evil

Said Conrad Cornelius O'Donald O'Dell,
"My very own country is going to hell.
This Bush team is vile, it's corrupt and unclean!
Nixonian misdeeds -- and worse! -- have I seen.
From war that's unneeded; from A out to Z
It's an Axis of Evil and Dishonesty!"

Yet twenty-six letters will not spell it out.
New letters are needed that practically shout:
"They're On Beyond Evil! They're ruthless! They're wicked!"
Like con men and cow paths they're simply too crooked!
To write out their crimes it will take me all day
New letters are needed to convey my dismay!

"Calm down," I suggested, "O'Donald O'Dell."
"New letters I'll give you, your story to tell."

Thus, Sku is for Scooter who'll soon be in stripes
And Kräv is for Karl R and untruthful types.
The Cheetz is for Cheney who once said "fuck you"
Then proceeded to show he could screw all that's true.

"Yet that's not enough," said O'Donald O'Dell
"The stench from this crew it is starting to smell."
Yet holding your nose will not fill the need
To drain this black cauldron of malice and greed.

Then he almost fell flat on his face on the floor
When I started this blog and drew one letter more!

The Dumb is for Dubya; the worst of them all.
His brain, it would seem, is three sizes too small.
His polls, like Titanic, they're sinking real fast
This Bush Number Two will be Bush Number Last.

This alphabet soup, why it's just the beginning,
Not finished, you see, 'til the good guys are winning.
When On Beyond Evil the lesson is this:
To Bush and his minions, my tush they can kiss.

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