Monday, December 22, 2008

Rick Warren -- In His Own Words

Back in October 2004 Obama's favorite right-wing preacher sent an email to his church membership (which, of course, does not include gays because they are banned) stating his non-negotiable political stances:
"As church leaders, we know our congregations are not allowed to endorse specific candidates, and it's important for us to recognize that there can be multiple opinions among Bible-believing Christians when it comes to debatable issues such as the economy, social programs, social security, and the war in Iraq.

But for those of us who accept the Bible as God's Word and know that God has a unique, sovereign purpose for every life, I believe there are 5 issues that are non-negotiable. To me, they're not even debatable because God's Word is clear on these issues. In order to live a purpose-driven life - to affirm what God has clearly stated about his purpose for every person he creates - we must take a stand by finding out what the candidates believe about these five issues, and then vote accordingly.

Here are five questions to ask when considering who to vote for in this election:

1. What does each candidate believe about abortion and protecting the lives of unborn children?

2. What does each candidate believe about using unborn babies for stem-cell harvesting?

3. What does each candidate believe about homosexual marriage?

4. What does each candidate believe about human cloning?

5. What does each candidate believe about euthanasia - the killing of elderly and invalids?

Please, please do not forfeit your responsibility on these crucial issues! This election REALLY counts more than most others have.

Be sure to vote, and be sure to encourage every Christian you know to vote on Tuesday. If you are able to vote early, do so. Then ask all your Christian friends on Tuesday "Have you voted yet?" and pray for godly leaders to be elected.

Pastor Rick Warren"
It's interesting to see that four of Warren's absolutist positions essentially derive from his interpretation of "Thou Shall Not Kill" (yet without opposing war or the death penalty). The anti-gay obsession is just Southern Baptist boilerplate.

Warren was careful to avoid stepping over the line of violating his non-profit status by overtly endorsing a candidate. It's Obama who steps over the line by asking Warren to speak the first official words of the Obama administration.

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