Friday, December 19, 2008

Is Obama An Advocate For Equality?

As you must know by now, president-elect Obama has extended an invitation to an anti-gay bigot (megachurch preacher Rick Warren) to present the invocation at Obama's inaugural in January. A lot of folks are upset about this turn of events. This outrage, although fully justified, could be better directed toward getting Obama to do something positive in response.

The perfect opportunity exists at the United Nations. Recently, the Bush administration joined the Muslim world in refusing to sign on to even a non-binding declaration calling on the nations of the world to decriminalize homosexuality. Over 70 countries in the world still follow the medieval practice of imprisoning gays and lesbians -- some even apply the death penalty. Yet the Bush-led US delegation refused to join 60 civilized nations (led by France and the Netherlands) in calling upon the others to enter the 21st Century.

Leading the opposition to this resolution was the murderous tyranny of Syria, which argued that
domestic laws should be respected, and claiming the declaration could legitimise deplorable acts including paedophilia.

Bush's UN appointees jumped on the Syrian bandwagon when they incorrectly claimed that this non-binding resolution would somehow interfere with US states' rights. And in what must be a form of cosmic symmetry, AmericaBlog is reporting that Rick Warren has praised Syria because, he claims, this dictatorship treats Christians and Jews well.

We should demand that Obama immediately add the United States to the list of supporters of this non-controversial proposition. Admittedly, Obama should do this without any prodding from us. But given the truly pitiful ineffectiveness of the current leadership of the gay equality movement, they should position themselves to claim credit for it in advance. Sometimes the appearance of power is accepted in Washington as if it were the real thing.

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