Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Cowardly Christian

Vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin is being hidden from the press, apparently out of fear that she will embarrass herself and her party by saying something truthful about her beliefs and experience.

McCain announced that Palin was his choice on August 29th. Today is September 7th and we are still waiting for a real interview with Palin. Rumor has it that it will be at least two weeks before she grants an interview.

Perhaps she is merely being briefed on John McCain's myriad flip-flops. It is, after all, extremely difficult to keep up with how his position has shifted lately -- on taxes, war, veterans, torture, the economy, etc.

However, it is almost a certainty that she is being trained on how to avoid voicing any of her actual beliefs. You know, on things like Abortion, "Alaska First" and the coming Apocalypse.

While it is a viable personal opinion to believe that "abortion is murder," converting that belief into actual policy should require wrestling with the issue of what, precisely, the law should do to women who have abortions and the medical professionals who perform them. Given that death penalty advocates are most often conservative, one wonders where their courage went? Why not just come out and say it? "Abortion is the taking of an innocent life (i.e., "murder") and, therefore, calls for the death penalty or life-in-prison." Of course, that position is a BIG loser politically so the cowardly christians deceptively drop the logical conclusion from their stump speeches. Sarah "Pitbull" Palin is more the poodle when it comes to abortion penalties.

The same is true of her disingenuous disavowal of the Alaskan Independence Party, or AIP, which long favored succession from the United States. In other words, exactly the same thing that great American patriot Jefferson Davis demanded during the Civil War. The AIP is the third largest political party in Alaska. Sarah courted its members throughout her political career. The AIP's original founder was killed during an attempt to purchase plastic explosives. Sarah's husband was a confirmed member of the AIP for many years. Palin herself recorded supportive videos and never distanced herself from the AIP until it became a political liability. Obviously, anyone affiliated with it could be charged with anti-American, unpatriotic beliefs. How does Sarah "Barracuda" handle this situation? She runs from it.

And finally, what about the End Times? Sarah's church (Wasilla Assembly of God) preaches an ultra-conservative brand of evangelism. Gay people need to be "converted" into straights, Jews must be converted into christians, creationism should be taught as science (rather than science fiction), children should only be told that sex is a sin and abstinence is the answer and, conveniently, Alaska is one of the prophesied refuges for christians when god's apocalypse destroys us evil sinners. Kind of makes you wonder why Palin would want to leave the arctic version of the promised land and move to Satan Central in Washington, DC? Perhaps she has a plan to bring "god's will" to fruition?

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