Thursday, May 15, 2008

California Dreamin'

In a historic decision, California's Supreme Court just struck down the state's anti-gay marriage law. The 4-to-3 opinion clears the way for legally recognized marriages in only the second state in the Union.
The court held that people have a fundamental right to marry the person of their choice and struck down marriage laws limiting matrimony to opposite-sex couples as a violation of the state constitution's equal protection guarantees.

OplusO has been covering this story for some time. To see a bit of the recent history of this struggle for equal rights in California, look here and here. Of course, Republicans and other bigots will try to use this ruling to their advantage in November's elections. Indeed, a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage is expected to be on California's ballot this year.

But for now, let's do a little California Dreamin'.

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