Saturday, March 08, 2008

Election Night Of The Undead

Hillary Clinton has no mathematical chance to catch Barack Obama in the remaining primary and caucus contests. She has become the Undead Candidate. No matter what you do to finish her off, she keeps plodding along looking for a chance to eat your brains.

Daily Kos has a diary that explores the incredibly complicated math of the Democratic primaries (and these people want to run the country?) The bottom line is that Clinton would have to win all remaining states by absurdly high percentages in order to overtake Obama's lead in pledged delegates. It ain't gonna happen. Clinton's last hope hinges on the superdelegates and possible "re-votes" in Florida and Michigan. Or maybe an asteroid will crash into the earth leaving only her supporters alive.

Like a bad horror flick, the "monster" will not die. The continuation of this bloody battle is certainly helping to revive yet another zombie: John McCain. It's all leading to a badly scripted ending. And the American people will be the ultimate victims.

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