Sunday, December 23, 2007

Crossing A Line

Republican and self-proclaimed "christian leader" Mike Huckabee recently rolled out a Merry Christmas commercial in Iowa. Critics pointed out that he was abusing religious faith by prominently showing what appears to be a brightly lit cross directly over his shoulder in the commercial. Taking a page from Dubya's book on how to wink at far-right fundamentalists while lying to the rest of the public, Gov. Huckabee insults the intelligence of both his supporters and his opponents with this fib:
"There was no hidden agenda," Huckabee said of the commercial. "There was no floating cross. That is a bookshelf, but if people are seeing the cross in it, so be it. ...somehow everybody sees in it something that isn't even there."

"Have we lost our national soul? Have we become so coarse that even the attempt to bring some civility to the political arena is met with nothing more than scorn, disdain and disbelief?" Huckabee said to loud applause.

Go here to see the entire commercial.

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