Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Who Are We?

It's Independence Day. Do you know where your morals are?

Americans have a child-like faith in their own good intentions. Even on the Fourth of July, it requires impressive mental gymnastics to avoid admitting the truth about our history. From the genocide of Native Americans to the slavery imposed on Africans to the centuries of profit-driven foreign policy to the slaughter of non-combatants in almost every war we have fought -- America has much to be ashamed of.

Just consider the recent debate over illegal immigration. There are lots of good arguments on both sides of this dispute. However, the primary motivating factor for anti-immigration conservatives is racism. Consider that they want a wall built along the Mexican border -- but not the Canadian border. In typically dishonest fashion, they assert that "terrorists" could cross our southern boundary as easily as Central Americans. Well, I suppose they could, but thus far the only border-crossing terrorists that have been discovered have come from Canada.

Of course, the average American casually ignores or actively denies anything negative about the good old US of A. Are we so immature as a culture that we have to lie to ourselves about the facts of our history -- and the truth of our current behavior?

Happy Fourth of July.

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