Friday, March 30, 2007

Rove Still Has Tricks Up His Sleeve

It is worth mentioning that much of the media continues to focus on the (false) patronage excuse for the appointment of Karl Rove protégé Tim Griffin to be US Attorney for Eastern Arkansas. Griffin wasn't appointed so that he could build his résumé and eventually be appointed to a federal judgeship or run for governor in the future. That's pure BS.

Some observers have started to notice that the US Attorneys were largely replaced in states that are likely to be swing states in the next election. At least that's starting to get to the truth.

In the case of Griffin, he was sent to Arkansas by Karl Rove to do one thing and only one thing: revive bogus legal charges against Hillary Clinton during her race for president. In fact, the dubious insertion into the USA Patriot Act of the ridiculously unnecessary power to appoint interim US Attorneys was probably conceived purely as a mechanism for this single appointment. Everything else was gravy.

Griffin could never pass confirmation in the Democratic controlled Senate. He's a political attack dog; a GOP hack. There's only one thing he knows how to do and that's dig up dirt on Democrats.

At least the Democrats are working to repeal the interim appointment authority. In response, Griffin recently told the Arkansas Democrat Gazette that he will not go through a Senate confirmation hearing if one is required.

“I have made the decision not to let my name go forward to the Senate,” Griffin said. “I don’t want to be part of that partisan circus.”

Even if the Democrats succeed in getting rid of this Manchurian Candidate appointee, they should continue digging into this whole sordid affair until they start to uncover evidence that demonstrates what this was all really about: a blatant attempt to subvert the next presidential election just as they have the last two.

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