Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hillary -- The Uniter

The Hillary Haters are back. On every blog and every "talking head" show, they are in a heated competition to be the most anti-Hillary.

No, we're not talking about Republicants. As things are shaping up, the real ammunition for Hillary Haters is coming from left-wing bloggers and mainstream media pundidiots, uh, pundits. If this were the usual crowd of drooling neanderthals there would be no story. Yet there is remarkable agreement between left and right: they all oppose Hillary. Obviously, Hillary Clinton is a uniter, not a divider.

What is less obvious is why this should be so. Among the complaints from the left:

1. "Hillary is too polarizing. She will invigorate the far-right crazies and, thus, doom her own candidacy." Given that, outside of those named Clinton, the Democrats have nominated a twerp (Dukakis), a stiff (Gore) and a twerpy stiff (Kerry) maybe it is time for the Ds to try someone who actually has a pulse?

2. "Hillary is too conservative." OK, this one has some truth to it but it seems to negate complaint #1. America is still the most conservative democracy in the world. We like our liberalism in small, easy-to-swallow bites. Could it be that Hillary has accepted reality and plans to run accordingly?

3. "Hillary is too calculating and ambitious." This one is a wee bit calculating, in itself. Are there any politicians who lack ambition? Don't we want political leaders who think before they act? At its heart, this "argument" is a slap against women -- even though it is often made by women. All male politicians are assumed to be ambitious, calculating bastards so it is hard to condemn one's opponent without simultaneously criticizing one's hero. Yet Hillary is considered fair game because she has been able to beat equally ambitious, etc., men at their own game. Maybe she goes too far, or maybe it's just residual sexism.

4. "She has cooties." Seriously -- that's the "argument" from Andrew Sullivan. Admittedly, he's not exactly a leftie, but he often plays one on TV. This argument is (intentionally?) juvenile and echoes the anti-gay rhetoric of the right. Yuck.

Of course, these complaints are far better than most right-wingnuts can come up with. They are still frothing over Whitewater, Vince Foster's "alleged" suicide and Bill Clinton's dick. Perhaps the best thing about a second Clinton presidency is how busy it will keep the crazies. Idle hands are the devil's workshop, don't you know.

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