Thursday, December 14, 2006

New Jersey's Christmas Present

With little notice by the national press, the state legislature in New Jersey just approved civil unions for same-gender couples. The only difference with "marriage" is the name.

The state Supreme Court had issued a ruling in October declaring that the state constitution requires equal treatment of citizens. Gov. Jon Corzine has said he will sign it. Obviously, he isn't running for president.

Of course, it should be pointed out that withholding the name "marriage" is just vestigial bigotry. Yet conservatives in New Jersey wanted to stop both the name and the legal benefits from being granted to gays.
"We're going to vigorously oppose civil unions if it raises up to marriage without the m-word," said John Tomicki, president of the New Jersey Coalition to Preserve and Protect Marriage, a group of clergy, scholars and conservative groups.

Despite the usual rantings of such rightwingers, New Jersey has delivered a rather nice Christmas present to the nation. Thanks Noo Joisey!

For those who plan to go there to check out the new law, here's some information on the Jersey Turnpike.

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