Monday, November 20, 2006

Bomb Bomb Iran

Pakistan has nuclear weapons. India has nuclear weapons (India's first bomb was named "the Smiling Buddha"). And India and Pakistan are in a state of constant war. North Korea has the bomb. Several former Soviet Republics have nuclear materials and/or scientists.

While South Africa developed nuclear weapons during the last years of apartheid, America was essentially silent. Yet it was widely believed that the racist bigots who ruled South Africa planned to use those weapons rather than surrender their sovereignty. The former Soviet Union and America came close to nuclear war on more than one occasion and somehow we managed to avoid direct atacks on one another. Ditto for China.

Yet Iran is the focus of an intense campaign to whip up political support for a US-led strike to destroy critical nuclear research facilities. Now, no one thinks Iran is led by well-behaved school girls. But Iran is by no means the only nation out there that, like, totally sucks. Is the only option to attack or be attacked?

So why the hysteria about Iran? Maybe it's driven by our irrational support for Israel. Maybe it's driven by the old hostage crisis. All of this conveniently ignores the long history of US interference in Iranian affairs (up to and including the overthrow of their government and the installing of the Shah).

Perhaps I'm being naive but I hope we can avoid bombing Iran. I don't recommend placing any major bets on the outcome. Anyway, this entire post is just an excuse to link to this song about America's foreign policy under Dubya: Bomb, bomb Iran.

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