Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Bigot Roundup of the Month

US Rep. Marilyn Musgrave is running for reelection in Colorado. When she is not being sexually harassed by George Bush (at right), she spends her time waging the "culture war." Recently, Ms. Muskrat participated in an anti-gay discussion hosted by the "Family" Research Council. Humorously described as a "Value Voters Summit" the other speakers included presidential spokesmodel Tony Snow, gambling addict Bill Bennett, Senator George "Macaca" Allen of Virginia, Senator Rick "Man-on-Dog" Santorum, and Ann "Some women do, in fact, have an Adam's Apple" Coulter. Apparently forgetting that we are a nation at war, beset by terrorists and running the largest budget deficits in world history, Musgrave declared gay marriage to be the "most important issue that we face today."

Ultra-conservative activist Paul Weyrich thinks that gay men can't control their sexual urges. Perhaps if more of them thought about Weyrich, the resulting nausea would suppress any urges beyond the need to retch.

And, finally, the oddly obsessive nature of Michele Bachmann's homophobia may be coming to a US Congress near you. She is running for the seat in Minnesota's 6th Congressional District. When she is not suggesting that gay relationships are "evil" she is advocating (at least the threat) of using nuclear weapons to strike Iran. She hopes that her far right-wing conservative christian schtick will carry her to victory. Let us pray.

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