Sunday, September 10, 2006

October Surprise

The Bush Administration is getting desperate as the election draws near. Should the Democrats take over at least one house of Congress they will once again be able to subpoena Administration witnesses to force them, under oath, to testify about dozens of scandals that have been perpetrated by the Republicans in power at all levels of the federal government.

Obviously, from the Republican perspective this would be a bad thing. Yet standard, run-of-the-mill political tricks simply won't do the ... trick. Their act is growing stale. What could they possibly do to stem the tide of voter disgust with Republican incompetence and malfeasance?

Capturing Osama would be number one (assuming he is not already on ice in some undisclosed location) but this has never been Bush's highest priority (higher would be seizing and keeping power, among other things). And the Washington Post has just run an article smashing the excuses offered by the Bush Boys. It's entitled: "Bin Laden Trail 'Stone Cold.'"

Breaking up another high-profile terrorist plot -- even if it must be done prematurely -- is a definite possibility. Yet that requires something more impressive than the Miami gang of idiots.
"The evidence against the men came with the help of an undercover FBI informant who posed as a Qaeda operative offering to help them. The government says the men requested money, weapons and equipment to carry out the attacks. The informant helped them get combat boots."

My biggest worry is an ill-conceived aerial assault on nuclear facilities in Iran. The "thinking" would be that the administration has nothing to lose. Of course, it's the rest of us who would lose -- a lot -- in the long run. Yet in the worldwide confusion of the immediate aftermath of a U.S. attack the Administration would have a good chance of spinning things their way. So by the third week of October, don't be too surprised if you start seeing maps like this with ever-so-serious analysts pointing out the buildings "we" blew up:

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