Sunday, September 24, 2006

Keystone Capitol Cops

Are you feeling safer yet?

The recent incident at the US Capitol revealed the incompetence of the so-called security forces put in place since 9/11. Even when you consider that these guys are about ten times better than those annoyingly inept TSA burger-flippers at airports, it is not a reassuring thought.

So what happened? After eluding police on city streets, a drug-addled parolee (with a gun) crashed his stolen SUV into a barrier near the Capitol and then ran through an unlocked, unguarded door into the Capitol itself. Although the police claimed he was apprehended after a chase along several floors, it turns out that civilian employees grabbed him and held him until the police had finished their donut break -- I mean, until the cops caught up. At one point, the fleeing criminal tried to grab a shotgun in the hands of a cop. And a civilian had to subdue him?

OK, what do you have to do to get shot around here? If this idiot had actually been a terrorist what kind of death and mayhem could he have inflicted? Although this incident involved exactly ZERO planning, it resulted in a large vehicle making it almost to the steps of the US Capitol.

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