Friday, August 11, 2006

Bush Fiddles, America Burns

Is there any part of American Government that has gotten better under Bush II?

The Bush deficits set new records, resulting in annual interest payments of $350 billion per year on our $8.4 trillion National Debt. That is $350 Bs that cannot be spent on anything else, like healthcare or job creation.

America's military may soon return to its post-Vietnam shakiness. Troop rotations in Iraq have turned into a de facto draft -- you can voluteer, but you can never leave.

FEMA, the federal agency expected to respond to natural disasters, is a disaster itself.

America's stature in international arenas is subterranean largely because of Bush's bungled war in the Middle East. Yet Israel requests emergency shipments of missles and weaponry and we deliver. Funny that when Katrina victims needed food and clothes, the Bush government could not deliver.

And now, as always, Bush is on vacation while America goes on a Code Red alert for potential terrorist attacks.

Hunker down and pray that America survives the Bush Imperium. Whoever follows him will have a helluva mess to clean up. It's enough to make you want to scream...

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