Friday, April 28, 2006

Who Are The Real Whores?

A growing scandal -- I know, it's hard to keep up -- in the Republican Party is being reported by numerous media outlets. And who could resist bribery, prostitution, vote-trading and hypocritical public statements? Certainly not the average Republican.

The Wall Street Journal (oh, sweet irony!) was the first to get confirmation of the months-long rumors of Members of Congress being provided free limo rides, free "hospitality" suites, and free prostitutes for the night. Rep. Duke Cinningham (already in jail) is the only Congressman, thus far, who definitely took advantage of this cash-free bribery but others are thought to have been involved, including former Member and now-CIA Director Porter Goss. It is still unclear how many Congressmen were "only" playing poker and drinking free booze, but the FBI is reported to be interviewing whores all over DC -- both the political and the other kind.

Remember when Mayor Marion Barry of Washington, DC was lured into a drug bust by his mistress? His famous exclamation was the "bitch set me up!" I can't wait to hear what this frat pack of Republican politicians sputters as they are frog-marched out of their offices.

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