Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Washington Times "Newspaper"

I never read the Washington Times, a "newspaper" owned by "Reverend" Moon, so I may be late to this party. But the front page headline yesterday, "Non-state gays cannot 'marry' " caught my eye. The words "marry" and "marriage" were placed in quotes throughout the article (which was about the disappointing ruling in Massachusetts that bars out-of-state gay and lesbian couples from getting married there if their home state prohibits gay marriage. Oops. I meant "marriage.").

The "reverend" Moon founded the Unification "church" based upon the "fact" that Moon is "superior" to Jesus Christ. In reality, Moon is a criminal and tax fraud who has funneled millions of dollars to conservative causes in the United States. Nevertheless, that has not stopped right-wing "journalists" from toeing the Moonie line on any number of issues of interest to the "Savior, Messiah and King of Kings of all of humanity," aka, Moon. Some of the commentary section pieces are so vile that each copy of the paper should come with a pair of rubber gloves.

Despite the fact that Moon is a loon, ultra-conservatives consider his rag a daily bible. Apparently, his editors are even willing to toss out the style book and pretend that a gay civil marriage is not a "real" marriage.

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