Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Worm Turns

So I leave town for a few days and miss out on all the fun with Ben Domenech. I hate it when that happens.

To review: The Washington Post decides it needs to "balance" its blog site with the voice of a true conservative. So it reaches out (not really very far, IMHO) to conservative activists and selects what appears -- on paper -- to be the poster child of the right-wing's brave new world. Ben Domenech is a home-schooled ultra-conservative fundamentalist christian. Although he never graduated college, his father's Republican connections get him several impressive jobs, including editor at the major conservative publishing company and a stint at the White House. Little Bennie also co-founded something called Maybe that's a reference to all the blushing faces of humiliated wingnuts.

The Washington Post, which exists to get the truth into the hands of its readers, somehow neglected to check out Little Bennie's resume. Must have been on deadline. Anyway, it turns out that a lot of what Ben wrote was plagiarized from others. Big oops.

You'd think the Washington Post would be able to find one honest conservative in the blogosphere. But we're not even talking about smart plagiarism. Just "cut-n-paste then sign your name" plagiarism. Like any good conservative, Ben immediately denied, lied and blamed others. For conservatives, this is like the 5 stages of grief.

Do you think Ben's mother is checking through his old home schooling test papers to see whether the plagiarized the answers? Or is that OK when you aren't in a real school? Do they have "open book" tests with scissors handy? We can be certain that home schoolers don't stress history given that Little Bennie called Martin Luther King's widow a communist the day after her funeral. He then proceeded to defend this slur with claims that some of the people supporting equal rights in the 1950s and 60s were communists. That logic would make George W. Bush a plagiarizing idiot, given that Little Bennie was once employed by the White House.

Jim Brady, the incompetent executive editor of The Washington Post Web site, says he has learned his lesson. Or maybe not. He now promises to find yet another conservative blogger to take Little Bennie's place. May we suggest Jeff Gannon/Guckert?

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