Thursday, March 16, 2006

Orwell Was A Mormon

Some time ago, I wrote about the Orwellian language of the Pro-Bush Republicans. A recent example (link via Altercation) was preserved at The Memory Hole.

In this particular case, the technique is to erase any references (and therefore any thoughts) that stray from the official party line. For six years, SAMSHA, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, provided written resources and references for lesbian and gay individuals and their health providers on its website. At least it did until the "christians" found out about it. Back in January, that fun-loving gang at the Family Research Council complained to HHS Secretary Michael Leavitt about providing materials that admitted gay people actually exist. Leavitt had recently moved to HHS from the EPA. (Leavitt, by the way, is a Mormon. What does FRC think about a false-christian running a federal agency? I guess they can accept heresy as long as you are an anti-gay bigot.) Say no more: the pages were deleted within two weeks of FRC's complaint. SAMSHA officials quickly lied and said that the pages were going to be deleted anyway -- even without the entirely coincidental letter demanding their removal.

And speaking of Mormons, Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts is gearing up for his run for the presidency. In order to do so, he is forced to shed the convenient lies he told so that he could be elected governor in liberal Massachusetts. For example, while running for office in the Bay State, Romney's deputy campaign manager said, "He's fiscally conservative, of course, but he's pro-gay rights, pro-choice and he supports the assault-weapon ban." Any one of those stances would veto any chance Romney has to be nominated by the GOP in 2008. Apparently, honesty is not a tenet of the Mormon church.

Face it, Diogenes would run out of lamp oil long before he found an honest Republican politician....


David Kennedy said...

You seem pretty quick to paint the Mormon church with a broad brush based on the actions of one of its members (in a political position, no less). Why the religious intolerance? Do you expect people to be persuaded to your point of view? Is tolerance (even in the face of perceived intolerance) not a tenet of the Left?

Kent said...

While not exactly a syllogism, I would reply that:

1. Romney claims to be a devout Mormon.

2. Romney has significantly changed his political positions depending upon the audience -- on abotion, gay equality, etc. In other words, Romney lies.

3. Personally, I don't do LDS. But for those who are Mormons, I would assume that honesty is a requirement. Of course, claiming to be devoutly religious (Bush does it. Even Clinton did it.) is almost a given among politicians. Yet there was no outrage among Mormons that one of their most prominent members was lying to gain political power.

Finally, tolerance of dishonest bigotry is a bizarre example of relativism in the extreme. Even "honest" bigotry should not be tolerated. Those who do tolerate it have revealed something about themselves -- and it isn't pretty.