Sunday, February 19, 2006

Wiretap All Waynes

Fugitive brothers, Geoffrey and Gregory Rose, were arrested in New Mexico where they had assembled several hundred pounds of explosives. The initial press report compared this cache to the scale of Timothy McVeigh's Oklahoma City blast.

This must have been a positive result of Bush's unconstitutional eavesdropping, right? I mean, after all, these two had been on the lam for 15 years and must have been on the official wiretap watch list.

Actually, no.

The brothers were arrested following a good old-fashioned informant's tip. So just what is Bush doing with his comprehensive domestic spying program? Thus far, there is no actual evidence that any plot has been uncovered, let alone been stopped, by Bush's years of warrantless wiretaps. Of course, "success" has not exactly become synonymous with "Bush Administration" over the past few years, regardless of the policy.

Perhaps Bush would be more successful if he simply targeted anybody with the middle name "Wayne." (scroll down in link) That would make about as much sense as some of his other decisions.