Saturday, January 14, 2006

Virginia Is For Haters

Virginia's legislature is sure to pass a proposed constitutional amendment this session that would prohibit legal recognition of gay marriage in the state. Interestingly, Virginia is applying the same logic rejected by Gov. Girly Man in California (where the legislature asserted a distinction between performing gay marriages in the state and and merely recognizing legal marriages performed outside the state). Of course, California's legislature was attempting to recognize in-state marriages while the Commonwealth of Bigots (aka Virginia) is reenacting a battle from 1864. They do take pride in their charming history down in Richmond.

The very name of the state -- Virginia -- implies the absence of sex. Which raises the question of why those shrewish scolds would have the motto, "Virginia is for Lovers"? Maybe they should add a few footnotes to clarify the rules for "lovers." And what is it with the state flag showing a bare breasted woman soldier dominating a man? How kinky is that?

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