Saturday, January 14, 2006

Executive Über Alles

"President" Bush has dropped the pretense and now asserts a claim to unrestricted power. Whereas in the past, Congress could be counted on to rein in the reign of Imperial presidents, the Republican-controlled legislative branch refuses to investigate even the most eggregious administration misbehavior. In fact, the GOP majority actively works to build a throne for Bush.

I can vaguely remember when conservatives professed respect for American history and, especially, the Founding Fathers' fear of unchecked government power. Now conservatives believe Bill Clinton should be impeached for lying about blowjobs while Bush gets a free ride despite lying about little things like war, civilian imprisonments, wiretaps, etc., etc.

History teaches us that a small number of dedicated revolutionaries can take over an entire country. That's not quite what is happening with King George II. While there are plenty of crooks and future Abramoffs in this administration, I suspect that it is more a case of laziness and self-interest. It is easier to be a "yes man" (or woman, as in the case of Condoleeza Rice) than to vigorously defend other people's rights and interests. So a small conspiracy of cronies is able to run things because there is no counterbalancing force in America: not the Congress, not the Courts, and not the Mainstream Media.

It's only a matter of time before the Conservatively Correct crowd revives their chant of a few years ago: America, love it or leave it!

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