Sunday, December 18, 2005

Republicans Rig Elections

Former Republican National Committee official James Tobin has been convicted of telephone harassment tied to a "phone jamming" scheme during the New Hampshire election of 2002. Two other conspirators pled guilty earlier. The plot was to block the Democrats' "get out the vote" phone bank in what was widely expected to be a down-to-the-wire race for the U.S. Senate between Jeane Shaheen and John Sununu. At the time Democrats held a one-seat majority in the Senate.

Currently, Tom Delay and others are under indictment for various shenanigans related to their outrageous mid-census redisticting of Texas so as to secure a larger Republican majority in the U.S. House during the 2004 election. Along with run-of-the-mill money laundering and illegal political contributions, DeLay's staff abused the FAA during their frantic search for Democratic state legislators who fled Austin to kill the quorum needed to push through DeLay's plan.

And in Ohio, another key state in national elections, there are simply too many Republican scandals to keep up with. From the theft of millions of dollars in state funds by Tom Noe, a major Bush-Cheney donor, to the transparently crooked electronic voting machines from Ohio-based Diebold, Inc., to the interlocking GOP Mafia-like connections that taint every election in the state -- Ohio is a Republican cesspool.

Of course, there never was a satisfactory answer to the questions about the Florida vote in 2000. Consider that George Bush's brother was governor and the Bush-Cheney campaign co-chair was Secretary of State (and thus in charge of the election). The Supreme Court simply stopped the recount, thus handing the election to Bush by 537 votes. This narrow victory was made possible by an illegal purge of the voting rolls prior to the election by Republican consultants.

Even Republicans who don't participate in an illegal activity benefit from it. Their refusal to clean their own house in effect condones the felonies committed by their fellow Republicans.

Millions of brave Iraqis recently voted despite dozens of daily attacks. Yet for some reason, most Americans are content to have their elections rigged or stolen -- and they don't have to dodge car bombs on the way to the polls.

Is this a great country, or what?

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