Saturday, December 03, 2005

Bush's Mental Spider Hole

Old-fashioned liberal Mark Shields recently made the point on Inside Washington that George W. Bush simply refuses to appear before any crowd that has not been pre-screened. For example, according to Shields, he has made six speeches in front of military audiences. They are not known for being disrespectful toward anyone, let alone the Commander in Chief.

Yet Bush is even afraid of largely supportive crowds that might harbor a single critic or -- gasp! -- a heckler. Imagine that: A president getting jeered by a voter. It should be outlawed.

And apparently, Bush tried to do precisely that. Some of his White House handlers booted two people out of a public forum in Denver because they arrived in a car with an anti-war bumper sticker.

This man who is afraid to face even a potential critic is supposed to lead us against world terrorism? According to the ACLU lawsuit, there is "a White House policy prohibiting people from attending this public event if they held a viewpoint other than that of the president." Someone needs to drag our Coward in Chief out of his intellectual spider hole.

If you want to support them in their fight for your right of free speech, check out their web site.

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