Saturday, November 05, 2005

Will Christmas Come Early?

I recently observed that we were likely to see more indictments in the Plame scandal. Now, John Dean (yes, of Watergate infamy) argues that Cheney is the real target of Fitzgerald's investigation. You can read his analysis here. If you're lazy like me, here's an excerpt:

"According to Fitzgerald, Libby admits he learned the [classified] information from Cheney at the time specified in the indictment. But, according to Fitzgerald, Libby also maintained - in speaking to both FBI agents and the grand jury - that Cheney's disclosure played no role whatsoever in Libby's [subsequent] disclosure to the media."

"Or as Fitzgerald noted at his press conference, Libby said, "he had learned from the vice president earlier in June 2003 information about Wilson's wife, but he had forgotten it, and that when he learned the information from [the reporter] Mr. [Tim] Russert during this phone call he learned it as if it were new."

"This story is, of course, a lie, but it was a clever one on Libby's part."

"It protects Cheney because it suggests that Cheney's disclosure to Libby was causally separate from Libby's later, potentially Espionage-Act-violating disclosure to the press. Thus, it also denies any possible conspiracy between Cheney and Libby."

"And it protects Libby himself - by suggesting that since he believed he was getting information from reporters, not indirectly from the CIA, he may not have had have the state of mind necessary to violate the Espionage Act."

"Thus, from the outset of the investigation, Libby has been Dick Cheney's firewall. And it appears that Fitzgerald is actively trying to penetrate that firewall."

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