Sunday, November 20, 2005

Dumb and Dumber

This morning on "Inside Washington" the normally rational Evan Thomas, Newsweek's Assistant Managing Washington Editor, repeated the idiotic opinion that if American politicians "send a signal" -- via debate over the course of our Iraqi occupation -- it will encourage the terrorists to set off more car bombs. Gee, I guess they would just quit and go home if we sent the proper "signals." Apparently, a few centuries of Shiite vs. Sunni conflict will be forgotten as soon as we get our story straight.

On "Face The Nation" Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld repeated the same basic observation though he later stated that it was proper to have a debate. Typical Rummie. Listen to him long enough and he is certain to say something you agree with.

These fools now claim to be able to read the minds of suicide bombers and terrorists -- an ability which they demonstrably lacked prior to the invasion of Iraq. Somehow, the Sunni-directed car bombings will cease as soon as we convince them that we will never leave. After that, Thomas and Rumsfeld claim, we can leave.

Significantly, the only difference between the two sides is one of timing. The White House is already scheduling troop pull-outs for next year. Yet if Democrats suggest the same thing they are accused of aiding and abetting the enemy.

Fucking amazing.

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