Sunday, October 02, 2005

No Lie Left Behind

Several news outlets have reported that the Government Accountability Office has found yet another example of Bush, Inc. breaking the law. The GAO found that the Education Department's paid arrangements to have conservative commentator Armstrong Williams, among others, promote Bush Administration policies amounted to a violation of law.

Back in 2003, Williams was paid to propagandize about the new "No Child Left Behind" law. Although he might have been willing to do so for free, it certainly helped that he was paid at least $186,000 for his troubles. As he carried out his contractual duties, Williams failed to reveal that he was being paid to defend Bush's policy. Earlier this year, Williams apologized -- sort of.

Nevertheless, according to the GAO report, "This qualifies as the production or distribution of covert propaganda." This misuse of federal funds for political purposes was deemed illigal by the GAO. Here's the GAO Report.

Of course, in the grand scheme of things this Republican agitprop is small potatoes. However, though you may call me paranoid, I think I'm beginning to detect a pattern.

UPDATE: October 14 -- Investigators at the Education Department have contacted the U.S. attorney's office regarding the hiring of Williams to promote its agenda.

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