Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Embrace Your Inner Bigot

There's a common trait among those who oppose gay marriage. Indeed, it is almost universal.

They hate being called bigots.

Now, why is that? A bigot is simply someone who is prejudiced. How could you be any more accurate in describing those who oppose the harmless pursuit of happiness and equality by gays and lesbians? Oh, wait. They don't think it's harmless. For example, Maggie Gallagher (can't ...force...fingers to...create link...) is a tireless campaigner against gay marriage. She was, apparently, a single Mom for ten years so I suppose she has some insights into the "two parent" argument. She's also a Catholic, so you know she's met a lot of gay priests. At one point, she received lots of money to promote Bush's marriage initiative. She also, à la Armstrong Williams, forgot to mention the cash and prizes she had won during her subsequent proselytizing.

If you want to see all of her anti-gay marriage arguments in one place, she is guest blogging at the Volokh Conspiracy. I wonder if history will look back on her comments in the same way we now see George Wallace's anti-equality speech at the University of Alabama? They both hide behind "history," "tradition" and, as Wallace put it, seek "to preserve and maintain the peace and dignity of this State." They are mere puppets to the overwhelming "will of the people."

And they don't like being called a bigot.

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